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About Knee Deep Blends

Our Story

If anyone were to tell you that two men met at “the market” you’d probably assume they were shopping with their wife or for their wife…..right?

Not Keith Jenkins and Justin Drouant.

In romantic movies this is called a “meet cute”…….we’re feeling a little cute and know exactly how to make you feel all the love….so let’s geaux!

Here’s the meet: It’s cute and it will have everyone falling in love with your meat….or veggies….or whatever love language you steam up.

The love for creative seasonings and sauces, along with the ability to cultivate good food using simple measures, had Keith Jenkins in a small booth at a sportsman’s show in Louisiana. The love for the outdoors, along with the creation of vibrant, viable apparel for outdoorsmen to boot in “The Boot” had Justin Drouant at the same venue.

Justin looking for classic ways to dress his “catch of the day.” Keith looking for the brightest colors of oranges and greens to dress himself. This became the preface and the epitome of what is now and will forever be known as:

Knee Deep Blends

Who would have ever thought that the fibers of food and fashion could run so deeply so quickly? Yep, neither did we! But they did and they do, and we’re so thankful they brought us to you!

Knee Deep Blends is an authentic friendship formed in the most unconventional way. Our products are all the simple satisfaction you’ve been wanting to sexy up your game. Work hard, play hard!

We look forward to many years and many moments of adding a little spice to your life, more flavor to your fun and a whole heck of a lot of pep in your step!!!

(If I had to add more spice to this “about” I’d have to admit that I’m married to Keith and that would just make everything more bland…..I’m just the writer, they are the story!)

Thanks for inviting us to your table!

~Justin, Keith & Jen

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